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SINCE 1996
We’re 100% invested in our people — without them, we’re nothing. Every Anderson employee, from a laborer to a supervisor, is treated the same. Which is why we enjoy the industry’s highest across-the-board retention rate.

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Every one of us has a different story to tell, but we all have one thing in common: we work hard, we work smart, and we’re building a very bright future, together.

jose mora

Jose Mora

Junior Estimator

In many ways, Jose Mora embodies the American Dream. A first-generation American born to Mexican parents, Mora joined The Anderson Company thanks to the urging of family and friends who already worked for the company. He started out as a laborer and quickly advanced to lead man — but he didn’t stop there. With an engineer’s mindset and desire to learn, he traded in his hard hat for a computer. Currently, he works as a Junior Estimator while he pursues his degree in Civil Engineering. Anderson gladly reimburses Jose’s tuition.

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tom hickey

Tom Hickey

Logistics Coordinator

You can tell a lot about a company by the degree to which employees actively seek to engage with one another. But you don’t need to tell Tom Hickey that – his favorite part of the job is “getting to interact with everybody – operators, supers, laborers, customers, truck drivers. I love it.” He goes on to say, “We move a lot of dirt running close to 200 trucks a day and my job is to ensure everything runs smoothly,” says Hickey.  And after 18 years on the job with The Anderson Company, he’s pretty amazing at his job.

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juan ayala

Juan Ayala

Site Superintendent

Juan Ayala represents the signature traits that set The Anderson Company apart from the competition: commitment and experience. Juan’s 22-year career with Anderson has seen him rise through the ranks as a laborer new to the industry, then to foreman, and today as the site superintendent for some of the company’s biggest and most important jobs. If you ask him how he scored a promotion to foreman after just six months on the job, he’ll tell you: “I’m a hardworking man! And I’m pretty outgoing. They liked that.”

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The Anderson Company loves to host events for our employees and partners. Our annual employee picnic is always a favorite!