We believe that respect is earned through hard work, a commitment to customers and employees alike, and a wholesale dedication to professionalism in everything we do.

jim anderson

Jim Anderson
Founder & President

After several years of industry work, Jim Anderson took it upon himself to build a company that embodied many of the defining traits that he developed during his early life in rural Virginia, and during his education at the Virginia Military Institute. Twenty-five years later, his commitment to building a business that exemplifies hard work and integrity has resulted in The Anderson Company being ranked as one of the D.C. metro area’s premier site-prep construction companies. However, of all of his accomplishments, Jim is most proud of his employees and their commitment to each other, the company’s sterling safety record, and the enormous impact that The Anderson Company has made on the D.C. Metropolitan area.

stuart himelfarb

Stuart Himelfarb
Executive Vice President

A long-time colleague of Jim Anderson, Stuart Himelfarb joined The Anderson Company in the early stages of its founding. He was brought in as a figure who, along with Jim, wanted to build a company rooted in trust and outstanding quality of work. Stuart, who graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, was tasked with bringing in and maintaining strong business relationships, along with overseeing the estimating and procurement of work, and project management. Stuart’s role is critical in eliminating problems before they arise, and ensuring that the customer is always satisfied with the value, service, and end product provided by Anderson.

jason brown

Jason Brown
Executive Vice President

Like The Anderson Company’s founder, Jason Brown got his education – a B.S. in Civil Engineering – from the Virginia Military Institute, which is highly regarded for the stringent, exacting demands it places on its cadets. Jason brings that same directness of purpose and demand for excellence to his day-to-day efforts as head of the company’s far-reaching operations. A company veteran of nearly 20 years, Jason has his finger on the pulse of virtually everything the company does. Jason is proud of the important role Anderson has played in changing the face of the DC metropolitan area, and his favorite part of the job is working with his colleagues.

pat doering

Pat Doering
Vice President of Human Resources

An avowed ‘people person,’ Pat has been with Anderson almost since its inception. In his role as head of both Human Resources and Safety programs, Pat is unique in that he has had direct interactions with every employee ever hired at Anderson. His twin goals, above all others, is to hire the very best candidates and then to keep those individuals safe on the job. Which also explains Pat’s two proudest accomplishments: the outstanding caliber of people working with Anderson and the company’s industry-leading safety record. Pat is the married father of two and coaches football at his local high school. Pat received a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management from Millersville University.



Joe Shull
Vice President

Joe Shull is responsible for equipment management and trucking operations at The Anderson Company, including the import and export of material and with the partner relationships that go with it. An industry veteran who spent years working with Caterpillar, Joe joined Anderson in January 2010 and quickly went to work mastering the intricacies of materials management. As the company’s fleet grew, Joe also started managing the logistics of renting – and renting out – equipment of all sizes and purpose. Joe graduated from Elizabethtown College in 1993 with a B.S in Business Administration and a concentration in Management and Marketing.

shaine adams

Shaine Adams
Vice President of Operations

Shaine began his career with The Anderson Company 11 years ago. Hired as an equipment operator, Shaine’s savvy and understanding of a site’s work flow quickly prompted the company to promote him to field superintendent. As a super, Shaine oversaw a number of major projects including Dunn Loring Metro Residential complex, MGM Casino, and the Capital One headquarters building in Tyson’s Corner (currently the tallest building in the DC metro area). From there Shaine was elevated to Area Manager until eventually arriving at his current post as General Manager. Shaine’s most fond of the way Anderson makes everyone feel they belong – in his words, Anderson is “a second family.”

henry hernandez

Henry Hernandez
Area Superintendent

A 40-year veteran of the construction industry, Henry has been with The Anderson Company for roughly half of that time. An immigrant to the U.S. from Cuba when he was just nine, Henry aspired even then to build things, and later went to school to become an architect. All of which is fitting, since as a key manager at Anderson, Henry has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for many of the Washington area’s most notable construction projects, including Nationals Park, the MGM casino, Reston Gateway, and Scott’s Run Mixed Use in McLean VA. Henry loves the family atmosphere that permeates Anderson, and has done his part to foster that in newer hires as well. When Henry isn’t working, he loves to visit the Eastern Shore beaches and spend time with his six grandkids.

mike richardson

Mike Richardson
Area Superintendent

A seasoned veteran of the construction industry, Mike has been moving dirt and laying the groundwork for new construction for as long as he can remember – he started operating equipment when he was just 14 on his family’s property. Mike joined The Anderson Company in 2006, and his strong work ethic coupled with experience enabled him to move up quickly through the ranks. Mike has been critical to many of the company’s most ambitious D.C. projects, including The Wharf, SE Federal Center sites (Navy Yard), and virtually all of our Arlington / Alexandria work. In his downtime Mike likes to boat and camp with his family. Mike is proudest of the many impressive jobs Anderson has done and the company’s tight-knit family atmosphere.