Anderson begins a two-year project preparing the building pad for Major League Baseball’s newest ballpark, Nationals’ Stadium. A mass undertaking requiring the excavation and removal of more than 300,000 cubic yards of soil. Roughly 338,000 tons of this soil is contaminated, requiring special treatment and removal. Project includes removal of 38 underground storage tanks, 3,000 tons of RCRA hazardous waste, more than 50,000 gallons of regulated or hazardous liquid waste, and 15 loads of asbestos-infected materials.

TAC furnished and installed more than 25,000 tons of stone and imported over 40,000 cubic yards of clean borrow. Due to the extremely aggressive schedule, TAC was asked to get an average production of 3,500 cubic yards per day – but TAC beat that requirement, averaging 5,000 cubic yards per day. As a result, the company beat the anticipated schedule by three months.