Project Description

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

Nationals Park is located in Southeast Washington, south of the Capitol, along the fast-developing Capitol Riverfront adjacent to the Navy Yard. The new park not only redefines modern sports facility architecture but also serves as the catalyst and cornerstone of a new mixed-use Capitol Riverfront in our nation’s capital.

The mass excavation of Nationals Park began in May 2006 and involved the removal of more than 300,000 cubic yards of soil, much of which was contaminated.

Specific aspects of contamination discovery, excavation, and removal included:

  • 38 underground storage tanks
  • Approximately 3,000 tons of RCRA hazardous waste
  • More than 50,000 gallons of unregulated or hazardous liquid waste
  • Handling and disposal of approximately 15 truckloads of asbestos materials

Anderson also furnished and installed more than 25,000 tons of stone and imported more than 40,000 cubic yards of clean borrow.

Due to the extremely aggressive schedule of the project, The Anderson Company was asked to get an average production of 3,500 cubic yards per day; Anderson actually averaged 5,000 cubic yards per day, resulting in the project being completed an incredible three months ahead of schedule in January 2008.

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