Project Description

Reston Gateway, Reston, VA

One of the signature development efforts along the DC Metro’s gleaming new Silver Line, Reston Gateway is 4.8 million square feet of mixed-use development that will include four office buildings, three residential buildings, two hotels, and plenty of retail and restaurant locations. As its name suggests, Reston Gateway is the opening to the Reston Town Center region’s north side.

  • The Anderson Company performs excavation and sitework at Reston Gateway
  • Reston Gateway excavation and sitework by The Anderson Company
  • The Anderson Company excavates Reston Gateway

Subcontracted by Clark Construction, The Anderson Company, was tasked with performing mass excavation and disposal services.

Specifically, Anderson will excavate and dispose of roughly 427,000 cubic yards of soil, including 200,000 cubic yards of rock, much of which will require blasting to size before removal.

Anderson and Clark alike expect this project to be one for the books, says Greg Boltersdorf, who is overseeing the site excavation work. Complicated logistics and difficult schedule restraints in the already densely populated, heavily trafficked region, will make an already challenging job that much more difficult.

Anderson is managing 85 trucks a day to meet or exceed the project’s goal of removing 3,700 cubic yards per day. To date, the maximum haul in a single day was 538 loads to 11 different sites.

Other work will include extensive earthworks including erosion control, surface demolition, clearing and grading. Anderson also will work closely with the shoring subcontractor for installation of excavation supports of the footings and subgrade.

Boltersdorf said the company fully expects to complete the project on-budget and on-schedule.

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