Project Description

The Wharf, Southwest Waterfront

A remarkable, mile-long stretch of the Potomac River just south of the city’s Mall, has been brought to life with restaurants, retailers, residences, and businesses — all complemented by monumental views and a vibrant metropolitan culture.

The Anderson Company played an instrumental role in the development of $2 billion project, including site preparation for the mixed-use development of residential, office, and hotel space. Also included was a state-of-the-art marina, parks and plazas, all of it in the heart of downtown Washington D.C.

Specifically, Anderson was contracted to perform surface demolition including removal of the existing waterfront’s bulkhead, parking garage, and numerous other obstructions within the project footprint.

Mass excavation including removal of 305,000 cubic yards of soil and rock, as well as management of more than 400,000 tons of petroleum-contaminated soils.

Demolition and site preparation activities began June 2014 and were completed August 2017, on-time and under-budget.